Topic: ¿Why did Nintendo kill its Classic Virtual Console setup?

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GameOtaku wrote:

Testing a game should only take a few hours if that.

Really it depends on what they're doing but lets be honest here, it's a bit of a non-point. I'm sure if Nintendo really wanted to they could push out the VC on the Switch tomorrow. With their resources it wouldn't take much to get Super Mario World running to their standards on the Switch if it was a priority. But because it's not there I think it's fair to say that it's not a priority.

And to be frank, is that really the end of the world? Of course as rabid fanboys the people bashing Nintendo in this particular thread desperately want to part with their money. We're a bunch of people who can never be happy. But when push comes to shove we currently have:

1. A console that ties your games to an account rather than the system
2. A digital store that is generally pretty damn fast
3. A digital store that has a fairly solid collection of games in general
4. A pair of physical, mini console remakes with a pretty decent collection of games
5. A paid online service that is currently in development

I'd take that over the Wii U where we got the VC fairly early on and nothing much else

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WiiU VC also needed to at least match the Wii shop selections. It had none of the Square games and less system choices as well.

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