Topic: Is Nintendo Switch Online Worth Keeping?

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To be fair regarding the retro games there are quite a few i would be willing to play if it wasnt for the fact that both the game and your saves are tied to an online service with no actual option to buy the games (and if they improved the emulation features since from what i tried i couldnt seem to find any option to change screen size, remove the border/button prompts or remap controls on a game by game basis like most retro collections offer), considering how much nintendo like to reference and pay tribute to their older games in newer titles it feels odd how they handle their actual legacy content on switch.

at this point for me i would say that the base NSO is worth it but thats mainly just because you need it for level sharing in mario maker so yeah i would say to TC that it depends on how often you play games with online features, in my case its needed because i play and upload levels on mario maker 2 a lot.



It's only worth keeping if you plan on playing online. If not, then don't. Most of it is useless.

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