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hello this is my first message here
how are you all doing?
myname is SmashBoy3007.
i never joined a site before like this usually have to as I have to get PERMISsions
this is from my Freinds house so she dont know

idont have many games for nintendo Switch but i want some for Christmas!! my mom wont get me som until she check it outs. So is Smash Brothers Ultimate E or E10? If E10, maybe. She Might not get it.

how can iConvince her to get It for me?
Any tricks or good ideas to show its good to get?
she wants me to give her the site so i checked it out

i worry be cuz i sure she wont like bayoneta
what is she? she looks scary
and maybe Zero SUit Samus and somon.

how do i use this site help me

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NintendoBoy2007 wrote:

myname is SmashBoy3007.


Troll or no troll, that is the question.



i don’t knkw troll sorry i don’t use internet often I’m only 11.

I like your character who is he I don’t knoe is he nintendo? How do you do it?

Any more replies I love them thank you so so much !!!!!!

Please? I can only use this computer for a bit before I go home.

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how do i use this site help me

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@Tsurii Nope, that day would certainly signify the coming of Ragnarok



@Tsurii I'm with you, the profile is funny and the spelling on these posts is so awful, to me it is obivious trollage


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