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Okay, so I've been trying to research this on my own for a few weeks now but I can't seem to find anyone in my unique position. So basically my roommate and I bought a switch together. Then we bought a game together (Fire Emblem 3 Houses). The game was bought through the eShop with his nintendo account and I have been playing it on my own profile. Flash forward to now. I recently bought my own switch. So is there anyway to transfer the downloaded game to my new switch or am I going to have to throw away over 300 hours that I put into the game? I know I can transfer my save data to my new switch but what about the game itself?



@james711 First off, you likely will need to buy another copy of the game. The switch isn't designed to share a digital copy of a game between two people & switches, as far as I know. Many times tech questions can sit a while before getting a reply here. Ever since I called Nintendo's support phone line a couple years ago, I can't recommend them enough. They're really good here in the US. Minimal menu tree to get a real person in Seattle WA. While support & support forum is a great place to search, my gut says your specific situation managing accounts may not get addressed there. Also, I wouldn't mess around with a 300hr save file. My personal preference would be to call Nintendo. If there's a solution, they are your best resource. Have open on a computer when you call. A lot of times they can point you to a specific page with an outline to guide you, and you can bookmark it or print it. Makes everything really easy.

Nintendo of America customer support: 800-255-3700
That number is also in the Switch manual, on Nintendo's site, and even in a help menu on your Switch(open your user profile icon on the Switch menu, and look there. Pretty sure I've seen it.)

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First of all, transfer your user account from your shared Switch to your new Switch. That will make your new Switch the primary console for the purposes of any eShop purchases that you make on your own account, as well as transferring all of your personal save data from the shared Switch (your friend's account/saves will not be affected). Any digital purchases made on the shared Switch belong to whichever user account had made the purchase, so you will now need to purchase any games that you had previously shared in order to play them again (and likewise for your friend if you had made any purchases via your personal account).

Your 300hr save file will be fine. However, you will need to buy your own copy of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and it doesn't matter whether you opt for physical or digital as you will be able to continue from where you left off without issue.

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I'll agree with others here you have to buy your own FE 3 houses game eshop or physical to play the game but the problem is your saved created is associated with his account not yours so that will be a problem here. If you had created your own user account on that Switch you could transfer that data over to your own Switch thus saving your 300+ hours but if you didn't do that then there isn't much that can be done here. Otherwise you should follow Nintendo Switch instructions on account data transfer from their site. So you will have to plead your case with Nintendo Support as mentioned user here can't help with Account management that is something for Nintendo Support to address.


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