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Hi all,

I am not quite sure it is issue or the game is just working like that.

I played like half hour and made the training with dad. Than I have go to Welworn golf site and tried to do some quests little quest and so on. I clicked "Save and Quit" and than closed the game. When I started it again - my progress was saved just until entering the Welworn and 10 minutes of game time.
I tried to play once again and do anything in 2 minutes and save. Until I haven't closed the entire game from the switch menu, the save was 12 minutes and ok. When I have closed software, save returned to 10 minutes and entering Welworn...
I thought that save file is corrupted, but I tried this also on another save - the effect was the same. Is this supposed to work this way? Is game saving only in some checkpoints?



@kosmaty I'm having exactly the same trouble.I played for just over an hour a few days ago at level 2 and quit and saved.Then when I came to load up again the load said I was still level 1 at forty minutes!
Not sure how the saving works to be honest but as much as I love the game it kinda puts me off playing it.


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