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RE: You know...stereo but with all speakers. xD I figured that would be better than nothing, lol

I am only getting 2 channel PCM to my surround sound system (because it's old. LOL.)

But . . . when I have "surround sound" turned on on my surround sound system amplifier, the system outputs a bit of sound to the rear speakers.

Also if I enable DSP (digital signal processing) mode on on my surround sound amplifier.

It is only receiving 2 channels, but using the rear speakers to make it sound a bit more thick.



UPDATE: Netflix + Disney+ to old surround sound system.

So, just a quick update to this thread . . . RE: Me trying to squeeze more life out of my old surround sound system.

Issue: My old surround sound system is old. It only has RCA (Coaxial) and Optical input. No HDMI input. And is an old system, so old Dolby Digital (AC3?) and DTS.

Well. I happened to have an old PC that had an optical out on the motherboard itself. LOL. I never noticed it before. But I hooked up the PC directly to my old surround system with an optical cable and ran Netflix and Disney+.

And . . . the surround sound system says it is getting LPCM. But it is not showing that all speakers are being used. But . . . all speakers are firing. Voices are going to the center channel. There is unique sound going to the rear speakers.

So . . . I can watch Netflix and Disney+ movies with surround sound with my ancient surround sound system. LOL.

Although old, my surround sound system is not quite ready for the dump. LOL.

But . . . still no surround from the Switch.



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