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Alright I caved. Went ahead and bought the LG C2 and got a bigger one than planned (55") after going to BB and seeing them in person. Since the bezel of my old LG makes it about the same size (Old school LED with that thick bezel) it's an even wash. I don't have spacing yet. So I won't get it for another two weeks.

Bought an mclassic as well.

Edit got my TV hooked up. I’m impressed! I played a little Like a Dragon on it (my switch pro con is charging) and considering I haven’t used a TV in 4 years this was a nice change of pace. Work is still running me ragged so I don’t think I will get to play much.

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Plan on getting a Sennheiser Ambeo Plus in a few months. Ideally, i would of went with the Samsung Q990B Soundbar system, but it would be a complete waste since most of it's power/Watts are drawn from the Subwoofer, or works properly in tandem with it unlike the Ambeo Plus which is an all inclusive SB, which can also be used with it's additional Subwoofer, which is a must, obviously. But again, due to my living situation, a Sub isn't doable. So Ambeo Plus by itself it tis'.

Oh, and does anybody know of a good self powered 2.0 USB 'HUB' that works with a DAC, that isn't reliant on a Switcher remote(which is used to switch between which device is being used)? I need something that automatically detects when the Switch or PS5 is on or being played rather than busting out a remote and clicking 1 or 2. Shaving off another remote and bypassing that silly switching nonsense will just make things more convenient.

It's bad enough that i have to settle for headphones. I'm tired of having that junk on my head and dealing with this Wired Hub & DAC contraption I've got going on. I'd rather just get that Sammy Q990B Soundbar Surround sound system and call it a day, or an Ambeo Plus + Subwoofer. That would be the most ideal convenient no fuss set up period.

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Does anybody know how to get USB audio from a Streaming device other than PS5, to use for a DAC & headphones? The Roku Ultra does in fact have a USB port, but it's used for files only and doesn't support audio.

Sure I could just use Toslink/Optical sent directly from my TV and to my DAC. But optical, in most cases to my ears, doesn't sound as good as USB. I've read that USB has higher bandwidth, plus it just sounds louder and of higher quality. WIth Switch, the difference between Optical & USB is night and day. It's eARC HDMI for my Soundbar & USB for my DAC and that's that. Optical is dead to me. lol

Still Optical definitely would of been the most convenient solution period if the audio matched USB. If that were the case, I could ditch the PS5 for streaming(just use Roku instead), along with the PS5 Media remote, and can the idea of a self powered hub or my USB hub switcher(that comes with another remote. ugh).

I also have a 26ft Toslink/Optical cable(32ft is the max you can go before audio degradation), which is just one single cable sent from the TV and to my DAC that i could neatly hug against the bottom of my walls/moldings with cable strip covers, instead of the weird 3 cabled' USB Hub/wired concoction i currently have going on. It's still neatly tucked away and hidden, but I'm still stuck with the Switcher Hub which has the occasional audio drop out and is reliant on a remote to switch which device is on aka Switch or PS5. I hate it.

I just need a quality Self powered 2.0 USB hub with no loss of audio quality that doesn't require device switching with a remote. Having a tough time finding one online and it's driving me bonkers!

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"Retro" Gaming TV.


I totally just went the other way. LOL.

I just hooked up our Switch to our 23-year-old 27" CRT (Tube) TV with an HDMI2AV adapter. LOL.

Let's just say . . . when trying out NSO SNES, I did not need to use the CRT filter.

Works ok. But cuts off all sides of the image a bit. And I am sure it is stretching it to fill the screen better.

Just goofing around with it though. LOL.

I had the Tube TV left over from our surround sound system. I had a Wii hooked up to it for our kids to play Just Dance on it with friends.

But swapping up the layout of our basement so this Tube TV got moved to where I like to watch shows so I was trying to figure out how to watch Netflix on it. So I got a cheap HDMI2AV adapter and it works great with one of our Roku Express 4K dongles.

But since I got the HDMI2AV adapter I was just goofing around seeing if the Switch would work through the CRT TV.

It is one way to get a bit of the retro feel playing NES and SNES games through NSO!

For that matter . . . this is the TV we used with our Game Cube, Wii and Wii U. So now it has been hooked up to our Switch! So 4 generations of Nintendo Consoles!


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