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yeah yeah I know this is why you should always buy physical whenever possible but I was looking through the purchased tab on my eShop and I was feeling some MAJOR buyer’s remorse for some of the games I bought digitally. Not even impulse purchases or anything but games I thought I wanted and felt confident enough in to buy digital only to for one reason or another regret buying them.

Here are some of mine and I’d love to hear some of anyone else’s if you have any...

1. Fire Emblem Three Houses: I have grown to DETEST this game and I know if I keep talking about it it will turn into a novella so moving on!

2. Astral Chain: I don’t like cop/detective TV shows or movies or books or anything like that but I thought since it was Platinum and Nintendo it was going to be good. It’s not a bad game, but even though the gameplay is fun the story and characters did not click for me at all so I just moved on...

3. Borderlands Legendary Collection: I don’t vibe with the controls, the last gen graphics and art style, the story, and I prefer single player games. Luckily someone bought me this so I didn’t waste any of my own money...

4. Dragon Quest XI S: The map design is what got me here. I was expecting something like Breath of the Wild from the trailers and I don’t like the turn based combat system itself and found the characters to be so aggravating.

Finally, 5. The Witcher 3: I have heard nothing but good things about the game itself and was hoping for something to itch my Breath of the Wild urges since I’ve played so much of it by now but as I was playing through it, I found everything to be so unnecessarily dark and mature. Normally I love that kind of stuff but here it just made me long for the much more subtlety somber peacefulness of Breath of the Wild. I also found the male-oriented fan service to be annoying and unnecessary.



3D Allstars, never been a massive Mario fan but usually end up picking up the games at some point and kind of enjoy them.
I was dragged into the hype and panicked because it was a limited release and bought it Its the same games I've already played and had little desire to replay - it wouldn't have been as bad if the had fixed things like the bad camera in 64.

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Star Renegades, Deep Sky Derelicts and all the other games that crash repeatedly. Nintendo are selling faulty goods and we can do nothing because of their evil eshop policy.



@ChaosBadger777 I FEEL you with 3D All Stars—I was going to put it as a “honorable mention”. I was dragged into the hype as well and also fell victim to the whole limited release trap. The only game that is actually GOOD out of any of the games is Galaxy and I’m saying that as someone with nostalgia for 64. Very disappointed at the lack of extras and the lack of fixes for any of the games‘ problems as well :/



@horizonisland I'm on Lite, so having to keep swapping my grip between thumbstick and touch in Galaxy was really annoying.

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Got Mario OD Digitally REAAAAALLY wish I got it boxed.

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I usually only get burned by indies as I research the heck out of games; although I learned it was a bad idea to buy USFIIHD physical. I play fighting games way too much to have to Switch (pun intended) carts. I’m slowly double dipping on any fighting games I have in physical format.

I do wish that I hadn’t bought Later Daters, cast of the seven godsends, and thief simulator. Everything else was what I expected or better. Granted I like a lot of genres so I really just need the game to be technically sound and not offend my sensibilities if I have an interest in it.

Edit: also Sonic Mania. I guess I still don’t find the blue blur compelling. Shinobi is my SEGA franchise of nostalgia.

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This is where I get on my high horse and repeat my mantra of never buying digital games unless the price is sub-£10. As a result, there's very few instances where I've felt burned.

The only Switch game that comes to mind is the Danmaku game on Switch (I got sucked in by the 10/10 review it got here I think while the Switch was still quite new and I only had a few games). I only paid £9 or £10 for it I think, but I don't think I've ever played a shmup that I thought deserved any decent money - so many of them are just so similar and limited in what they offer. Lesson learned.

I know digital convenience is a big draw, but almost inevitably, the Switch will likely be hackable to the point where you can rip your physical games to a micro SD, just as you can with the 3DS. I'm more than happy to wait that time out with the protection of being able to sell any big purchases that I later didn't feel justified.

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Every games i bought digitally will be abandoned after that.
Like i didn't feel the presence.

Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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Galaxy Warfighter, a bottom-tier mobile shmup.

Granted, I used gold coins, but still...regrets.

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Not because I dislike the game but stuff I buy from Warner Bros and Ubisoft in their huge sales takes up loads of space but since the games are cheaper than physical I can't really complain. Mortal Kombat is the biggest offender for me.

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Not counting a couple of indies that I bought on sales the ones I regret the most are:

Splatoon 2 - by far the multiplayer focused game from Nintendo I played the least (pretry sure I never played it past August/september 2017)

Divinity original sin 2 - the UI is so cluncky I could not play it

On a different side there are games I bought digitally but if it was today I would have bought them phisically as I adore them and would like to have them on the collection

Super Mario odyssey and Skyrim

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The only Nintendo Switch game I regret purchasing digitally is SEGA AGES Shinobi.

Despite using AGES Mode, I felt annoyed and frustrated in certain levels.

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@Balta666 You're seriously missing out on a great CRPG. Give it another go, I agree the UI is clunky at first but give it a chance



Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
I got a switch 2 weeks after the release date (somehow!) but unfortunately Zelda was sold out absolutely everywhere and I couldn't wait any longer to play it. I would love a physical copy but I can't condone second purchases. The plus though, is that I have BOTW on my Switch at all times.



I tend to only buy digital when is something I'm likely to keep going back to regularly; 51 Clubhouse games, racing games, fighters etc and keep physical for games where I'll likely never look at it again once I've completed it - That way I can trade/sell it on if I want to.
My son tends to buy mostly physical though, so quite often just borrow his games!



I don't buy any full price games digitally on Nintendo, so luckily I don't really regret anything!

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I purchased Myst digitally on the 3ds at its full price.

Needless to say, the developer decided to shut me up by sending me a free retail game, which while it wasn’t good, it was at least playable.

Unlike their version of Myst.

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@gcunit Oh yeah, I bought that Danmaku game too, which made me realise shmups are not really my thing. De Mambo is another one that got a good review here but I didn't think it was very good. I only paid £5 each for both of those games though and I don't think there are any others I particularly regret buying.

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@Neckcrane maybe one day but the fact that it is not clear how much can you walk per each action point, the area of effect plus others things like that is really a big issue in my book. I understand it makes it more hardcore but to me it makes it not enjoyable


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