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Travis Strikes Again, a lot of people seemed to hate it but I thought it was really dope.
I'm always a sucker for Beat'Em Ups, Hack&Slash and Warrior games. Also really hopes that it has the eagle perspective, story was simple but tight.
Overall a 9/10 game.
Was also really surprised with ONINAKI, same reason as above and the menu SFX remind me of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.



@1ofUs 1080 Avalanche got burried releasing around the same time as SSX 3. There was no competing with that, one of the best snowboarding games ever made. It's unfortunate, because Avalanche is still great. Simpler, but faster and more intense. I've probably put more time into SSX, but I pull out my GC to play a few rounds of 1080 more often.

Anyway, Tron Evolution: Battle Grids got middling reviews on release, but I saw it for $2 and like Tron, so I gave it a shot. Glad I did, most of it is kinda rough, but the light cycle racing and arena battles are great, and that's all I ever wanted from a Tron game.

Slice, Dice, and Rice. Mixed reviews (hardly and reviews at all really) but it was $1 and claimed to be inpired by Bushido Blade. Other than one-hit-kills, it feels nothing like Bushido Blade, but I still got really into it. Of the mimimalist indie-fighters out there, like Divekick or Niddhog, this is easily my favorite. It's simple in just the right ways to allow you to focus on zoning, baiting, and timing. One of the few games of it's type that might actually help improve your skills at the Blazblues and Guilty Gears of the world.


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I’m currently playing Persona 5 Strikers. Like a lot of people I’d pegged it as just a musou spin off, a fun diversion (and nothing wrong with that).

But it’s much closer to almost being a sequel to Persona 5, but with lout turn based combat. The story writing so far is so much better than any follow up game in the series before too.

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