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So this is a thing after all, not just a lucid dream I had...

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will wait for reviews but interested in this ... I suspect it will be a fair price, so it seems like a good alternative to the overly expensive (even with the current sale price) bomberman game, and I would prefer a new IP like this (after paying about 4 quid for a PS3 bomberman, which I didn't play much but still have, I can't justify 30 quid on a new bomberman - but 10 quid/15 quid (I suspect) on a new IP ... I can!)



Is this going to support Miis? If not they must be crazy, everything about this game seems to scream "Miiiiis"! Mii support or the lack of it could be what makes the difference when it comes to decide wether to buy this game or not. At a fair price I'd consider buying it if Miis are in

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Flip Wars is what was once called "Battle Sports Mekuru" (or still is in Japan).

It came out in Europe and USA this week for 9,99.

And it had indeed Miis in the early trailer, and it fit the game style well.
So in the final game they didn't make Miis even as optional/hidden/unlockable characters?

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Looking at the characters I think they should have made this a Metroid Prime Federation Force game.

Infact if they'd done that and announced it before the E3 "we're doing every Metroid game" reveal it would also have caused a proportion of reactionary users on the internet to spontaneously combust. Which would have been amusing.


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@pundrang I told you before not to spam the forum with your posts. Ask the question once in the designated forum and don't go off-topic in other threads.



Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I bought this game on a whim, and I'm incredibly disappointed. I didn't know there was no single player or that the online is dead, so I can't even play the game. They're updating the game, and yet they aren't adding any singleplayer modes. Why?

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