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Switch only, baby! At least for current-gen. I have lots of older consoles.

My interest in modern AAA cinematic games is very limited, so I don't feel the need to invest in PS4 or XBox One.

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BruceCM wrote:

PS 5 isn't out yet, @onilink86 ....

Sorry, meant ps4. I played the xbox One when my brother brought his over and didn't like it. I've always been more of a Nintendo guy.



Yeah, that's what I thought you must mean, @onilink86 .... It'd be great having a next gen console already, though!

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The only games that look interesting are Cyberpunk 2077 and Shenmue 3.



Nope. I own a PS4 and an Xbox One as well as a bunch of retro systems.

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The Switch is by far my most used device. But I also still have a PS4, PS3, Wii U and an older gaming PC. And a bunch of retro systems, only the Gamecube of which is still plugged in.

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The only non-Nintendo gaming system I really have are the last gen Playstation and Xbox. And the PS3 I only got a couple of years ago. Because having enough money to do anything else is more important than feeling obligated to have multiple consoles per generation.

I'll likely get a PS4 someday, but only when its cheap enough.

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I've been a 2 home console guy since the Wii days. When the Wii was first announced, i wasn't a fan of motion control gaming so went for an Xbox360. I did get a Wii eventually, but ever since then i've owned 2 for the best of both worlds.

Then it went to the WiiU and Xbox360/PS4. And now the Switch/PS4.

I've owned various handhelds in the past as well as a main console, so the Gameboy/Color and Advance. And the various iterations of the DS/3DS. And i own a Vita.



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I only have a Switch this Gen. Mostly used docked.
Have lots of other consoles either boxed up in loft or in cupboards (I never bother selling my old games, some of my earlier consoles were sold, but have re purchased over the years)
Here’s a list of what I have:

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I sometimes reconnect my Saturn and Amiga

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NES, SNES, N64, GC, Xbox, PS2, Switch, and PS4. And I have all of the Nintendo handhelds.

PS4 is the newest. Wish I didn't wait as long to get it. Lots of great games for really cheap on it.

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Current gen? I have my Switch alongside a notebook with a 1050.

Previous gens? I have a GBC, GBA SP, DS Lite, 3DS, New 3DS, N64, Wii and Wii U.

Yeah, I’m mainly a Nintendo console player.

I have a chronic lack of time, for everything.

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I wish i could say i play a lot on my NS, but it's actually my PC that get's most playtime now. I guess it's all about THE game that drives you, which is Overwatch on PC for me. To get me to play a system more, i need at least 2 or 3 games i can rotate like an addict and not need to go on my PC to get my fix.

Also a what really, really hurts me and prevents me from doing so on the switch is the eShop. Games there are sometime close to double the price of retail versions. Even on the last summer sale, game where 5-10chf above standard retail price. lul

As someone that was a main PSP guy with 10K+ hours on it, it hurts to be shunned by bad pricing in the eShop.

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I also own a PS3 and PS4, but I'm trying to re-buy all the games I like on Switch so I can get rid of them. I very much doubt Fallout: New Vegas will come to Switch though.



Nope. I'm a boring Nintendo nerd who doesn't really do other gaming since neither PC nor PS games appeal to me let alone as much. My only non-Nintendo console is a PS2 but I always forget it even exists when being asked which consoles I own which speaks for itself.

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No. I use my PS4 and Switch equally. Summer has been a good time to play Switch games since it gets dry this time of the year.

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The only non Nintendo consoles I own is the psp and ps vita



Nintendo Switch/ Wii/ Gamecube/ Nintendo DS lite/ PC



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