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This is more towards those who try to buy physical games when they can, but does anyone else get a little bit frustrated when games you have bought are only available in the eShop; then months later given a physical edition? I understand that it's much harder to pump out physical editions from day 1, especially for smaller companies. But sometimes it feels like the people who buy the game as soon as it comes out are being punished. Some examples are Snipperclips, Voez, Shantae.

Again, I understand the reasoning, I was just wondering other people's thoughts on this. Thanks.



I know I do. I just wish Pheonix Wright and Dementium 3D got a physical copy.

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It can be a bit frustrating, but :

  • one must not feel "cheated" about it : every publisher would rather get their games on shelves and have the visibility. So there's no "calculated embargo", only an economic factor making it impossible sometimes.
  • if you bought the digital copy you can play it at will, so there's no rush for you to get the cartridge. You can then wait for a sale, or for a mint second-hand copy to drop by.



@subpopz I pretty much agree with you completely, the only difference being I just really don't want to stop getting physical editions. I've thought about maybe just buying special editions when available instead buying every standard retail upversion, but I don't want to let go of collecting tangible games I guess.


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