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Of course you can find a small handful who love it. But if you poll the audience, it's nearly always either Dark Souls 1 or Bloodborne that come first. With Dark Souls 3, Demons Souls and Sekiro somewhere after them.

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@Losermagnet Yeah, I guess so. Just checked out hbomberguy's video on the game for the first time, called In Defense of Dark Souls 2, and I must say it kinda intrigues me.

@Dezzy Yep, that's true. Kinda wonder if I fall into the category of future fans, but I will calmly let time decide that... Maybe I will end up liking all of these games for different reasons...

Anyway, thanks regardless.


@Slowdive i dont want to come off like it's all bad, but I don't know if it was worth going through the whole game only to experience a few parts that I liked. That may be different for someone else. I'll check the video when I get a chance though because, in spite of not caring for it that much, I still like analyzing its content.

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Yeah there are definitely some great parts in Dark Souls 2, but the game as a whole has no sense of internal continuity at all.
It really feels like a level pack that was made up of all the levels they rejected from Dark Souls 1, which was then clumsily stitched together to try and resemble a new game world.

It's sad because there are some areas in that game which I thought looked incredibly cool (Heide's Tower of Flame for example), but they just don't really do anything with it. It ends up being very short, quite empty, and with no sense of importance to the larger story at all.

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