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OK so cut a long story short I've had issues with my joy con's. When I play Mario Kart 8 which I play a lot of. When in use of the Zr button for drifting this game seems to think i keep having them pressed down. I cannot drift properly and it causes me to lose a hell of a lot. I have even bought two brand new pairs of joy con's which cost quite a bit. And I have made sure I've updated them and checked calibration etc and my system is up to date.

Anyone else had similar issues?



I use R for drifting...

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@gcunit Still doesn't help. I tried it already.



@Aawonnn So you are still experiencing the problem with a brand new set of joycons? Is Mario Kart the only game where you are having the issue?

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Isn’t there a steering setting for drift? Like the auto drive and auto steer?


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