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Does anybody know or care to venture a guess if Switch docks, pro controller, joy con and joy con grip will have different colours around launch? I have seen red, blue and white joy con grips that look official, I know the red is coming but others?



You can pretty much guarantee extra colours in the long-term (if the Switch is a success), but probably not at launch.



@NintyNate You could try this. I haven't done anything with them but they seem decent and could offer a cooler and better option for different colours.

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Thanx all ... I really want purple and green!



You may find stickers at launch, but I don't think that we'll start seeing themed Joy-Cons until mid-year at the earliest. I'm reluctant to buy any extra Joy-Con sets until themed ones are available as I don't want to be stuck with a heap of bland Joy-Cons. There are some really lovely Mario-themed mock-ups that are a Google search away.

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I recommend Decalgirl

You're not just limited to their own selection,you can upload images to design your own as well by.I designed a really cool Revolver by The Beatles album cover for my Pro-controller,looks fantastic,great quality and cheap too.They don''t have the Switch on there yet to play around with but you can add your email to be alerted for when they do.That link @Eric258 posted above is really good too,plus you can play around designing your own Switch already.I just made a really cool,blue/green/purple one.Tempted to order it haha.

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