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Hi this is for all the owners of chess ultra to have friends to play, please leave your friend code so we can play online matches.

I am beginner (struggle to beat CPU at amateur) but i plan to get good, atm i find when i look for online matches players just quit after making one move or two, is quite frustating, also would be good to have a notification system to see when a move has been done.

However having a good friend list that play the game solves that issue.

Look forward playing with yall

ADD ME SW-5937-7406-8390
I live in Canada, play daily, 28yo

Games I play:
Mario Odeysey, MK8, Fifa18, Zelda, Doom, Skyrim, Chess Ultra, LA Noire, Shovel Knight, and many Indie games.
I plan on getting more :D

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