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Please can someone help me? I've set my 15 year old up with a supervised account but when she tries to play a game its asking for my approval. It is supposed to send an email but they never arrive. Is there any way I can change her account from supervised to a normal account please?




"Complete These Steps
Log into an admin or parent / guardian Nintendo Account in the family group.
Click "Nintendo Account" in the upper-left corner of the screen to access your account settings.
Select "Family group."
Select the Nintendo Account that you want to stop supervising.
Select "Lift parental controls restrictions."
This restriction cannot be lifted for users who are under the age of 16 OR who have not yet registered an email address to their Nintendo Account (age 16 and over only). For help registering an email address to a supervised Nintendo Account, click here.
Review the information on the screen, then select "Lift parental controls" to confirm."
From Nintendo's support site

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@karlu48 Here's the link to what BruceCm posted, in case you wanted to search anything else on Nintendo Support. If I see anyone new here on nintendlife, I make it habit to mention that Nintendo's support site is a good resource, since a lot of people aren't aware. If you already knew, you can disregard

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