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I may hold off for a while from buying the Switch early. The reason I'm thinking of doing so, is because there's the chance that Nintendo are going to bring out some revised version. Just look at what they did with the 3DS, first the XL, then the "new" 3DS and it's XL variant. And that's if you don't include all of the special editions.
I can put up with knowing that there will be a ton of updates and bug fixes, that's now part of owning a games console. It just seems that hardware revisions are now making me not want to buy consoles at launch anymore.
What do you guys think? Does it bother you knowing that Nintendo could possibly bring out a buffed version of the Switch at some point?

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We are likely seeing a new transition away from generations and more of upgrades in the console space as a whole, so you could argue that there is never a good time to buy anything because a new revised version maybe around the corner.

Look at Microsoft - the Xbox One S is a smaller but slightly more powerful version of the original but then one year later they have the more powerful Scorpio. But then how long afterwards is the next upgrade? Do you hold out just in case?



I got seriously burnt out on buying both the 3DS and the Wii U at launch due to their underwhelming launch line up and their respective launch windows, which was even worse!

I know that Breath of the Wild is going to be a 'day one' game, but once that is done, do I really want to sit down and twiddle my thumbs (for months) like I already had to put up with with the 3DS and Wii U before?

No, I don't.

I am going to be a patient man this time, and wait.



@Peek-a-boo Still have your Wii U? BOTW is still a dual release so..

That's what I'm going to do, buy the Wii U version I've been waiting for since 2014. A new Pikmin game could convince me to buy the Switch at launch, but I really want to see how well Nintendo handles its launch and the first couple of months after that.



@Octane That's exactly what I am going to do!

I ocassionally play Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon on multiplayer from time to time, which is why the games shown on the three-minute Nintendo Switch reveal video didn't really do anything for me - I am still currently playing those games that they were showing me.

If that is the launch line-up/window, then I am not particularly interested (at the moment).



If there are no games coming in the launch window that you are interested in, it isn't much point in buying the system early. It is really just common sense to not buy everything that comes out as soon as possible. This is even more true if you have a small income.

But you shouldn't wait for a revision that may or may not come.

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@Peek-a-boo I doubt we've seen everything though. We'll learn more about the software in January.



@Octane At the moment, going by the Nintendo Switch reveal video, it looks like:

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Mario Kart 8
  • NBA 2K17
  • Splatoon
  • A new Super Mario game

That's two (old) third party ports, two (new) first party games and two games that arguably looks no different to the Wii U version, save for King Boo being a returning character in Mario Kart.

I certainly hope there's a helluva lot more to show in January!



@Peek-a-boo Wasn't the Skyrim shown in the trailer the new remastered version?

Anyway, about Mario Kart and Splatoon.. To play the devil's advocate, I doubt that they would've looked much different if they were developed from scratch for the Switch. It's not that much powerful than the Wii U. Why put all your resources into completely new games when the end result will pretty much be the same? I think it may be in their best interest to port the Wii U games over, change up the gameplay a little and add additional content. Maybe support the games with more (good quality) DLC during the Switch' lifespan? That also means that two of their best sellers will be available at launch. Something the Wii U lacked. It took Nintendo 1.5 years to release a Mario Kart for that system. The damage was already done however.

I'm not really using the trailer as a reference for software. Especially since Nintendo is avoiding any software related question until January. If the January Direct / event doesn't bring any new games, then it's indeed a bit disappointing, but I doubt that'll be the case.



Sheeesh! Can yous not just wait until the first offerings are published before you decide? If Switch launches with a cracking lineup of games and at an attractive price, I'm going to enjoy watching dizzy_boy trying to resist while he waits 2.5 years for the revised version to come out.

This is a thread for January when the launch details are confirmed.

What better way to celebrate than firing something out of the pipe?

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@all some good points put across so far. Well it's definitly worth thinking about what ever happens.
For now, I'm still gonna wait and see.

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Depends how long it takes to get a lot of good games. I'll be getting Zelda on Wii U and I'm not interested in ports. Maybe when that 3D Mario is out and hopefully a 3D Metroid. Most consoles don't become worth owning until at least a year into it. That was true of all of these 3 consoles this gen.

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I'm liking the concept thus far, so if Nintendo keeps up the momentum come January then the Switch may be in my living room earlier than it's supposed to be. Not necessarily on launch day, but in or around the launch window.
Oh, and I'll be getting Breath of the Wild on the Wii U, even though the GamePad features seem half-baked, going by what we've seen so far. My brother's most likely going to get the Switch version anyway, so we're good.

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I think it's smart to wait a bit, especially with new hardware. There might be kinks that can only be worked out after initial launch. Personally, I'm getting the thing early, as I do with all Nintendo consoles. So I'll have no one to blame but myself if they do a cooler revised version a year later, haha



I never buy any console at launch. That may be when the hype is highest, but that is also when prices are highest, the software library is thinnest and the hardware is most likely to have latent defects.

I will watch with envy as people post impressions about how awesome the machine is. Then I will quietly observe how the platform evolves while I work through my backlog of 3DS and Vita games for a couple of years. I am sure that I will end up with a Switch eventually when the price is the range that I am willing to pay and the games are easy to get.

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I do like the concept so far and I'm one of those who never takes a handheld out of the house so it works for me good as I can do most the games on the TV and lay on the bed and play with it undocked which makes it very appealing.

I'm fairly sure I will be grabbing this at launch although 12th January will be when I fully decide, Spla2oon or a very good enhanced version of the original with plenty more content would make it 100% day one.



I'll be on the pre-order list as long as Zelda is there for launch which 90% of speculators are sure of. I just hope that there's more than just Zelda to look forward to.

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ironically, I think buying Wii U and 3DS early was the best choice with all the free (and basically free for Wii U) older games you could get if you got it early enough. But despite that, probably gonna wait until at least Holiday 2017 to get it. I have so many games to get to with just the consoles I have that I don't have much reason to get something new.

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@gcunit: That's not how discussion works. We're going to make our decisions before all the facts are stated.

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