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Has anybody, particularly from the UK found a solution to buying through the Mexican eShop? I think it's common knowledge that you can't use standard debit/credit cards.

I've read that Revolut doesn't work and I'm struggling to find prepaid eshop vouchers via websites such as Play Asia.

Outlast is £19.99 in the UK and yet only the equivalent of £12.60 in Mexico (same story for many titles, always seem to be the cheapest in Mexico).

Any ideas?



It is really easy. Just move to Mexico and just move back. You only need to live there 24 hours.



Just stop being cheap and pay the price everyone else does?


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@NintendoPete I believe PayPal only works within your country, possibly continent. It definitely doesn't work for purchasing games from the US or Japan if you're located in Europe anyway. I use Revolut which gives you real exchange rates with no foreign transaction fees but it doesn't work in countries outside the PAL region. Luckily South Africa and Russia are both in the PAL region and are great for finding deals. Revolut also works for purchasing US Amazon E-cash codes , after making a couple of changes to your account that is.

Outlast 2 will cost just over £15 on the South African Eshop. That's cheaper than the original is and £12 cheaper than it will cost in the UK. It's not exactly small change. I bought Outlast 1 from the Russian Eshop for £16.82 which was the cheapest I could find yet the sequel there costs quite a bit more. It's strange why there are so many differences between shops on select games.

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