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@JaxonH because you didn't follow the story of the 1st 2 games doesn't mean other fans didn't. And if you haven't notice the outrage the ending of 3 generated then I don't know how you missed it. Plus Bayo 1 is the best when it comes to gameplay. I disagree with essentially everything you say.



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No I'm gonna agree, I don't know why anyone cares about the story of these games. Characters maybe, the story, no. I would've had a way better time with 2 if I had just skipped most of the cutscenes after the prologue tbh (and if I didn't bother with reading the lore).

It's like if an NES games' story got needlessly dragged out with "worst written parts of any Final Fantasy" inserted at random.

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In the interests of building some common ground, can we all agree that the rock/paper/scissors battles are a bit crap?



Hmm... I just started playing it and I dont like it. I mean the cutscenes are beautiful and Bayonetta is so pretty that just watching her walk forward is entertaining, but as soon as I am in control I am like "hm, Id rather watch a cutscene of her doing it". I think this is the perfect youtube game - Fantastic to look at, boring to play.

Also nothing really makes sense, things just keep on happening for the sake of it. "I had this fetish about a Bayonetta Mermaid, so lets have this Kraken attack, so I dont feel so guilty designing this lul".

And graphically I mean it looks like a PS2 game trying to catch up to the PS3. I know the Switch has terribly old hardware, but BotW exists, so as always thats not an excuse.

Sad to say this, but I think I would have refunded this if possible. Bayonetta 1 was so challenging, edgy and sexy, its still the best game, and its available everywhere. Kamiya might have been able to live out his fantasies with Nintendo supporting them, but I dont think the gamers won anything by it.

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Hmm, everyone's entitled to their opinion, but its quite odd to see the words Bayonetta 3 and boring to play in the same sentence.



Well I've just completed 3. Honest opinion, it's another Platinum masterpiece, I loved it. The story is more engrossing than I thought it would be and the gameplay is just typical Bayonetta. I personally really like the changes. Viola, while not as good as Bayonetta herself, is great fun to use. And Cheshire might be one of my favourite game characters ever!
It's just ridiculous fun. Not to spoil anything but some of the stuff Bayonetta gets up too is just brilliant. Jeanne's 2D sections are good fun too. I was sceptical about the 2D but it really does work.
Performance wise I played 80% handheld and it ran great. The game looks stunning, bright, colourful with busy environments. Framerate was stable throughout and the music is epic. Yes it may not be PS5 level graphically but honestly I was so engrossed I wouldn't have noticed.
All in all I'd go 9/10. It's not perfect but it's to good to be rated any lower than that, IN MY OPINION!



On the subject of Bayonetta's lore and story, I just saw a video on YouTube from the, always excellent, Super BunnyHop about the influences on the games from medieval Catholic art and elsewhere.



Never played any of the games in the series but have a desire to jump in and pick up Bayonetta 3. It looks good.

Is it the type of game someone with no experience in the series whatsoever can pick up and enjoy?

It costs a small fortune at $69 AUD at the cheapest so I'm keen to hear your views for the novice/first-timer ...

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