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Ok, just got my Switch, and Arms is the first game I am trying out.

I have gone through the basics tutorial about 11 plus times. I get to the point where I should be able to do the Rush attack, but have not been able to get it to work. This is trying the thumbs up style, and with the joycons attached to the Switch.

I have also tried Grand Prix mode, and can get to where the Rush Meter is glowing (or on fire) and cannot activate the Rush attack.

I have tried hitting the shoulder buttons at the same time. Separately. While dodging, while punching. Nothing. Should the Rush attack just occur? Do I need to be in a certain zone in relation to the other fighter?

This is getting very annoying, as I would like to enjoy the game, and I would think that I should be able to follow the guide and it would work, but I am missing something...

Thanks for any help.




Press the right trigger when the yellow icon thing shows up and punch.



So, I have to take my Switch back. As I now know that the back shoulder buttons are separate from the top L R shoulder buttons. Thanks KirbyTheVampire for getting my brain switched to handle this.



@nfoboy I'm not sure what you mean? The two sets of shoulder buttons are supposed to be separate. Press ZL or ZR to use the Rush attack in Arms.

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