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Why in the world did Nintendo not make the plug in a 90 degree where it goes into the switch? When you are laying down the ac adapter is in the way and you feel like it is going to break off.



You can always but something like SkullnCo to place your Switch on and charge it at the same time. So you have options blaming Nintendo isn't the smartest moves to make.



@Zidentia I completely agree with you, I had to shell out for that official Β£15 adaptor to be able to charge and play it handheld while laying down!



@Zidentia I do agree with you, but at the same time, I've seen people open up the Switch to repair it and looking at how the internals are set up, I don't really think they could have managed it without a very significant redesign. There are some really good videos on YouTube if you want to see what I am talking about.

While I completely agree, if you try to play laying down, the cable gets in the way, but I am not sure how they can reasonably fix that. The plug is too large too have it 90 degrees from the device, it would stick out. Furthermore it would make it hard to connect to the dock. They could put it on the top of the unit, but that would require they completely re-do the fan location and structure of the board. But then when playing laying down you would block the fan, which would then have to be on the bottom of the Switch. They could move the location of the game card slot and put the fan there, but then you couldn't swap games without taking the Switch out of the dock.

It might be possible to design a USB plug that could rotate to a 90 degree position while un-docked though. More moving parts means more potential things to break, and the charging port is already a vulnerable area. Also such a plug would likely drive up costs because it would require more complex manufacture...

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I think the solution is to create the adapter to be flush when it plugs in.

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I have a cable that came with my Satisfye grip that is a 90 degree bend on it. Much better for charging that the AC adapter.



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