Topic: What other Nintendo franchises would you like to see on phones?

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For me I'd like to see Ice Climbers make a small return.

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So long as they're one-off purchases like Super Mario Run and not "free to play" garbage like everything else they have produced, Nintendo can bring over any franchise they want.

But I would rather they stick with the Switch, and I would be crushingly disappointed if dormant franchises were to return to mobile without a Switch port/version.

In some respects, it's a little surprising that Nintendo haven't at least ported their NES/SNES library to mobile platforms. Surely there would be a lot of money there, and making such an offering wouldn't cannibalise sales of their dedicated gaming hardware.

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This is just me brainstorming but I think Kid Icarus would work as a mobile game, whether it be a port of the 3ds version or a straight up new game since it would be harder to implement on Switch.

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I think a Zelda game would be fun on mobile. Especially as an RPG or something.

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Silly_G wrote:

In some respects, it's a little surprising that Nintendo haven't at least ported their NES/SNES library to mobile platforms. Surely there would be a lot of money there, and making such an offering wouldn't cannibalise sales of their dedicated gaming hardware.

This I actually would like to see something like this. I know they can be played on NSO, or virtual console on Wii U, but honestly, my favorite mobile games have been Sonic 1, Sonic CD, and Crazy Taxi. Love being out and I can just play them on my phone.

Wouldn't mind this idea if it's a pay once and keep forever kind of thing, like Sega does when you remove ads from their Sega Forever games.



Auto Runner Excitebike. The whole thing about the original Excitebike is switching lanes and getting air time, perfectly fitting for this kind of gameplay style. Tricks could be done in the air Sonic-style to rack up points and it would get gradually faster as time goes by, you know, typical auto runner gameplay like Temple Run or Subway Surfers. You could even flesh out the world by having different characters behind the wheel, different places to go to for racing and so much more (maybe even some crossover with Excitetruck/bots). Of course, since it would be a mobile game, there is obvious room for money grubbing. 'Pay to continue after dying', 'Pay for this character', 'Pay to keep playing', that kind of stuff. I know this doesn't sound that enticing after what I've just said but my point was to really see realistically how this would work and I think I've done a good job of that here personally.

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I'm thinking of a rougelite Metroid dungeon crawling game. You work your way platforming through procedurally-generated complex alien caves and systems as Samus, and when you die you start from the beginning

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Mario vs donkey kong
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Mario + Rabbids!!!

I would love to see Mario + Rabbids as a mobile game.

I bought the cartridge and couldn't stop playing it. And I bought the game again digitally with all the downloads so I could play more levels.

I am looking forward to the new game coming out.

But I would pay again for a mobile version.



It's really weird that they haven't done Nintendogs.
That would work better than Pikmin Bloom. You go around and walk your dogs, and you can meet other dog owners and stuff on your walk.


@Sunsy Less people would want a Switch if Nintendo enabled them to play a large collection of Nintendo games on their phone.



Not sure why they haven't done it but a Nintendogs on mobile phones would be a big seller



Kirby and Zelda and I got a few ideas for both
Kirby could be a puzzle rpg similar to puzzles and dragons but you switch around star shaped tiles with fire water grass light and dark elements. Combine that with having characters ranging from enemies bosses or old friends as your teammates and you got a recipe for a amazing Kirby mobile game!

Zelda however would be like a rpg where you tap your characters to attack like a old mobile rpg that I can’t remember the name of. Or it could be like loony toons world of mayhem where they have different attacks for you to use! If they made a Kirby or Zelda mobile game that are like these then I would play them in a heartbeat. (But mostly Kirby)



Phantom hourglass. They wouldn’t need to alter the controls much and it would feel better than on a console.

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@Marcalous Genius! I can see everyone have that!

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I think, a proper Pikmin mobile game is where Nintendo will peak my interest, I mean, it is actually simple enough for a mobile version. If not Pikmin, then Splatoon would be great, atleast the multiplayer only, I mean Call of duty mobile worked mobile, can't see why Splatoon can't.



I think they should port DS games over, or older games, it just makes sense.

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