Topic: What other Nintendo franchises would you like to see on phones?

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None of them.

The only one I've found in the least bit worthwhile was Fire Emblem Heroes and even that's a bit of a mishmash of modes that are OK as free-to-play, mixed in with others that are obvious whale fodder. The remainder are either utterly dumbed down or with what worthwhile content they have paywalled off in a fashion that makes them very expensive.

If they were to adopt a model of selling complete games at reasonable prices without any predatory monetization I might be interested, but I can't see them doing so while they've got the Switch for that.



@Matt_Barber I completely agree with you, that would definitely clash with their current business model, and monetization on mobile freemium is just plain annoying most of the time. ūüėĎ

Game on. ūü§ė Rock on. ūüéł

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