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So whatever this game is going to be, I hope it can boost Pikmin's popularity. I can see it working on mobile as a Pokemon GO-like experience. But I hope this means 4 is also coming soon.



You made two same thread about Pikmin Go.

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I am not absolutely sure this will even be a "game" as they talk about it as just an app. Also Pokémon go exploded because it is Pokémon... I wouldn't raise hopes to much that it will give pikmin that big of a boost in popularity



@Balta666 Pokemon Go did explode but Pikmin Go doesn’t need to also explode to be popular. Ingress was the game the developers did before Poke Go and was considered very success yet is no where as successful as Poke Go was.

The success of Poke Go is ridiculous which only a handful games will ever achieve and not a benchmark for all games to get to.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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@jump true but the fact they are calling it an app and not a mobile game still tells me to keep expectations under control. I would expect it to be just a pedometer where the more you walk the more pikmins show around you


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