Topic: Nintendo Switch Online App in Israel?

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Recently, out of curiosity, I was checking the availability of Nintendo's mobile apps in various countries via iTunes. To my surprise, I discovered that the Nintendo Switch Online app is already available on Israel's official App Store.

I originally believed this implied that Nintendo may be planning to officially launch the Nintendo Switch Online service for Nintendo Switch owners in Israel.

I even attempted to check online for any confirming information (in the English language, at least) about such a launch, but I could not find any. Going through the Hebrew FAQ on the official Nintendo Israel website, however, I realised it was a direct translation of the support text from Nintendo UK's website. This makes me believe that Nintendo of Europe may have released the app for Israel as a convenience so that Nintendo Switch owners can still use the app's features for the Nintendo Switch Online service, albeit the service they may be using is based on a different country.

(Many gamers who play the Nintendo Switch or other consoles in countries where Nintendo has little or no direct involvement would usually register their accounts as a different country without any repercussions.)

What do you guys think of the fact the Nintendo Switch Online app is available in Israel, even though the service itself is not?

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