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According to a rumor from a typically reliable source, many Switch games have recently released with unlocked framerates so that devs can easily boost the framerate on the new upcoming "Switch Pro" model.

Do you think this is legit? If so, which games do you want to see a frame boost in the most? Personally I'd like to see Mario Sunshine get boosted to 60 FPS in 3D All-Stars, and maybe even an update for Breath of the Wild.

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@ichigomon Meh, the rumor isn't entirely wrong. Whenever we get boosted hardware, it may instantly allow for more power. But it's also possible the additional power levels will need to be patched in. Hard to say right now.

That said, Mario Sunshine isn't unlocked, it's locked to 30 FPS. It would need to get patched, and since the game won't be on the market by the time the Switch revision launches, there's no reason to do so.

Breath of the Wild on the other hand? It's entirely likely we might just see it maintain native resolution and it's target frame rate at all times. Don't expect a major power boost after all. But any games with either unlocked frame rates or dynamic resolution (which is... nearly every game on Switch) could easily look better if the new power levels are available sans patches. If there are patches needed, BotW, both Xenoblades, and Splatoon are likely candidates to actually get one.



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