Topic: RUMOR: Jessica Simpson to Play Samus Aran in Metroid Movie

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Saw this over at VGchartz

Internet rumors are great insights into what might happen, could happen, shouldn't happen, we want to happen... and when it's about a franchise as beloved as Metroid, you're sure to get a reaction. Especially when you mention that nerd-love goddess Samus Aran may be played by Ms. Chicken-or-Fish herself, Jessica Simpson.

Let that possibility sink in for a minute.

She wants to reboot her movie career. What better venue for that than taking a dump on the dreams of millions of Nintendo fans? But wait, it gets better: Uwe Boll is rumored to be directing it, too. This part seems so much more unlikely than Simpson as Samus. But if Tara Reid can be in Alone in the Dark and if the Prince of Persia movie can not completely suck, I'm willing to believe that anything is possible.

We'll wait and see on this one.

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don't think this one has anything to hold up on but whatever.



Metroid movie?


wont be on here anymore


That would be so much fail.

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I thought Nintendo was against making movies with there stuff so i'm thinking this is just BS.
Still fun to talk about though haha



Oh, I thought she was cast as Link in the upcoming The Legend of Zelda movie.

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There can only be one, like in that foreign movie where there could only be one, and in the end there is only one dude left, because that was the point.


Barely know who Jessica Simpson is, but I don't want a Metroid movie made. I they make a movie of it, Metroid will become more known to the general populous, and I don't wanna share my Samus.
She's mine I tell you!

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So if not Jessica Simpson Who would make a good fit for Samus? Care to add PIC ? LOL



Huzzah! This'll be (if true) the biggest game turned into a movie failure ever!

Squadala! We're off!
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RUMOR: i'm going to kill myself.

good thing a metroid movie will never happen.

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romulux wrote:

RUMOR: i'm going to kill myself.

good thing a metroid movie will never happen.



Isn't this 'news' like 5 years old? It started as an IGN April Fools' back in 2005.


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I personally want Jessica Alba to play as Samus Aran trust me she fit's every detail. Jessica Simpson i don't know since it didn't even crossed my mine.


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I don't think she can understand the complex universe of Metroid. And she is not a good actor at all!

Retro Studios, go reboot Star Fox. The franchise needs it.

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What irken said

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Worst topic ever but if it really was true I would hope she doesn't speak.



Only one person can play Samus and that's Sarah Jessica Parker.




Isn't Nintendo against the whole "Let's make our games into movies!" thing because the Super Mario Bros. movie was an utter failure? And besides, how do you make a movie out of Metroid?

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I think she'd make a great Metroid. =D

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