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Do we really need an entire thread for this? Not much to say besides it's here...
I think it'd be better to just use

The soundtrack wasn't too special to me so I'm not buying it. It was alright but I don't see myself just listening to it. If anyone is interested though (thought it'd be better here than people going to twitter to find the link):


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@BezBot Honestly I didn't know where to put it. I've never even thought of posting in an NL forum until now.

Also, I haven't played the game and the iam8bit tweet just showed up in my Twitter feed - I think Nintendo of America shared it. I just thought it's pretty cool that video game soundtracks are being put on vinyl records now. Until now, I didn't know anything like that was being done.

Thanks for the heads up.

Why don't we drink to me and my reflection in your lovely eyes?


The resurgence of vinyl records grates on my nerves a little more each day.

Considering that the overwhelming majority of music these days is mastered digitally, it beggars belief that our only options are extremely low-quality downloads from the likes of iTunes, CDs, and records.

We could be buying lossless music, but some people prefer having their digitally mastered music on a format that degrades over time and cannot be easily transferred to other devices. Mmm, makes sense.

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Eh, the music I got from iTunes sound fine to me...I mean, it's all Pokemon music, but still, lol.

Also, holy crap this site is irritating the crap out of me. So many weird issues and bugs and Ant isn't doing anything about it, wtf? :/

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