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Good morning/afternoon everyone, I hope you are well and safe during this time.

I am having issues with my Nintendo switch play time and I have made sure the game and switch console it self is up to date with all the latest software.
And still I’m having issues with it

Ok so this is kinda strange I was wondering if anyone has had this glitch or having issues with the game time activity log on there switch ?

First question - I have two switchs and I have noticed there is an error with my game time tracking not updating has anyone else had this ? (if so do you know know of a fix so it will track correctly.)

Second question - I was wondering if this is also an issue for others or just me as I use two switchs.

(But I brought a new game and normally it would say played x amount of games hours ago when you first play a game right.)

Well with this new game I brought Dragons Quest 11 and when I first put it in, It started tracking my hours right off away which I thought was strange, But a few days later I loaded it up and now it says first played 2 hours ago which is really confusing.

Can some one please help me with this ?

Ive also linked and unlinked the consoles to the switch app and that does seem to fix it, Yet in the app I can see my individual play time on each console but the profile section on the Switch consoles them selfs says other wise.

(Example game time is 25 hours)
And I ran tests so I loaded up a game on Switch 1 played a game for 10 hours, saved it closed the game let my save data back up to the cloud.
Once that was done I took the game out of Switch 1 but it in Switch two downloaded my save data I just uploaded, Ran the game played for another 10 hours and the timer stays on (25 Hours) but it should be at *45 hours.[/strong]

Update went to 35 hours so im missing ten hours yet the app says 10 hours on each.

And I know for some people or even most people time tracking etc isn’t a big deal but it’s one of many reasons why I love gaming on PC and with my ADHD and Autism I’m really struggling playing and getting in to a game when my times not tracking properly.
And because it’s not tracking correctly it's stops me being from being able to play and enjoy the games I am buying and that it self is frustrating it’s like a barrier my brain puts up and stops me playing.

With all the money I’ve saved to buy the Switch that I can dock and a Switch Lite, And the software that’s been designed for things like tracking time but isn’t being displayed accurately it’s beyond my stress levels to explain and you would find it silly or pointless or it just wouldnt bother you and I wish I could but I can't.
Like I’ve paid all this money for both Switch’s and games and for something so small (game time tracking not working it’s put such a massive halt and barrier one me)

Please please can someone help me or if someone at Nintendo sees this please please can fix time tracking when both consoles, games are up to date, Its annoying seeing and being told just update the console that will fix the time, How can you update the console when there is no update to update.

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@Tsukemono You should always expect the switch to take 10 days to start showing playtime hours. Its dumb, but that's how it is. So, your scenario with Dragon Quest was a lucky glitch.

It's my understanding the switch only tracks playing on that particular console. If you have more than one console, the hours may not sync up to match. I don't have two switches, but that's what I've seen people say here. If anyone else can confirm this, I welcome other's input.

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Yeah Ive seen so many diiferent peoples problems and etc relating to this but not the same as mine,
And one one site I will read one thing on other site it will say something different.

So I was hoping I could get some help on this and I cant seem to get on to Nintendos Fourms it wont let me login, and when I reset password and then says I need to do the whole verification email etc but when I click on the link it just opens a link to send the verification email its very baffling.

So I came over here to see if I could get some help



@Tsukemono Official support forum? In the US, here, I asked a question there a month ago that never got a reply. And I'm not sure I saw moderators/nintendo staff answering either. I assumed it' isn't operating due to the outbreak, or only has limited staff. Also, (US) says they are not taking physical orders.

The issue with play time hours as appeared to be a tough topic to pin down. (I wouldn't be shocked if play time hours function is flawed, possibly inconsistent, or works better with some games vs others, games with online profiles vs offline games)

I find it very difficult to talk about multiple Switch consoles in forums, or in general. So, I'm not surprised you're having trouble, too. Many people don't know the difference between primary & non-primary consoles. Many confuse the Switch user profile (your user icon & switch username) with your Nintendo account on Nintendo's website. And, Nintendo support doesn't appear to offer much explaining the how the playtime hours work across consoles, like you describe. This is all I've ever seen.

Play Time Activity Does Not Display Correctly

How To CheckPlaytime and Usage Activity (for parental control App only)

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ITs got to be the somewhere in the software which is broken because lets stake steam for example when I’ve built a new PC I don’t loss my play time on games I just download steam login and boom all my play time is there and I dont loss and if i play a game I have already played then it will just add on to my already played time.

And I have tried to login to there fourm site so many times and it keeps failing and I have tried resetting password, for username the whole

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I click on the link to verify my account it just open's a new window and takes me to the same page saying please enter email address to send Account Verification email.

So its stuck on a loop.

And I use the app but thats not really good enough, that like Xbox saying hey you can now get achievemts but to see them you must download our app to check them, Makes no sense what so ever.



When I first transitioned to a second Switch, I thought my Breath of the Wild data had carried over successfully because it immediately showed on my activity log as 170 hours. The thing is, 20 or 30 hours later, it's still showing as 170 hours.

It's decidedly amateurish how crap it is. And while it's not a big deal in the whole scheme of things, it reflects badly on Nintendo that they (a) allowed it to happen and (b) have done seemingly nothing to fix it after all this time.

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Exactly and also it’s like take Steam for example.

You could if you wanted to, build 5 different PC's and play the same game, on all 5 machines the total time on all 5 are added up to the total time played not split across all five machines.

Like if its software based then Nintendo should fix it because like all of us, we have paid for something and it isn't working as intended and you wouldn't go a buy a new tv and one of the HDMI ports were like look yeah I work well kinda work when I want to and the people who made me well yeah you know one day I might work with an update. Like no thats not on and wouldn't fly so I don't understand why this hasn't been fixed.

They need to make it work as intended because surely they didn't think that hey let's say someone who buys more than one console let's do this (You/They play 10 hours on say Zelda this Switch and then 5 hours on the other Switch the times will be separate from each other, Yeah that's a great idea, NO IT’S NOT A GREAT IDEA!)


We live in an age where little things like this tracking what we do stats etc are becoming more standard and its stats etc I like to see and read monitor myself.

If they can't do it then they shouldn't of giving us some half –baked software or the ability to track what we do in the first place.

Don’t even get me started on Themes like seriously I can have a theme on all 3 of my 2DS, 3Ds and 3DS XL, But no the Switch.



I haven't seen a complete answer to this yet, so I guess I'll answer.

Basically, your play time is only stored LOCALLY. If you have a Nintendo account linked, then your Switch occasionally updates the online profile with your playtime. If the playtime's greater than before, it will update on your profile. If not, it won't update, and it won't add to your existing playtime. It's why getting a new Switch/formatting your existing one basically freezes the time.

Here's an example:
Switch 1 tells Nintendo that you have 300 hours in a game. The profile reflects this.
You play on Switch 2 for 100 hours in a game. 100 hours is less than 300, and will not update, or add to the existing playtime.
After playing on Switch 2, you surpass 300 hours, getting 500. 500 is more than 300, and thus updates on the profile.
Switch 1 will show that you have 500 hours. You decide to play on Switch 1 for 100 more hours, with a total of 400 hours on it. 400 is less than 500, and will not update or add to the existing playtime.

Because you can't look at your actual local playtimes, the only real way to track your playtime is to get a stopwatch and record how long you play and write it down. Or if you have a modded switch, use a homebrew app called NX-Activity-Log, which looks at the local playtimes instead of the Nintendo playtimes. This way, you can look at the locally saved playtimes and add them up, instead of Nintendo's frozen ones.

It's stupid, yes, but it's been multiple years of people reporting it and Nintendo hasn't done anything.




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