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Not sure really what's going on, but there's two things (and one thing I'm not completely sure about at all)

#1 - when I'm playing Super Mario Odyssey, in the right-hand corner ever so often, it'll tell me somebody is online but will not show a name or a photo, just a box that says 'online' (surprisingly, the box is big enough for a name and photo) even though I have nobody online. Was thinking this could be linked to someone who's just un-added me and it's glitching and still picking them up, but not too sure.

#2 - googled about it but couldn't find much about it, was letting family play Mario Odyssey and found I could play as Mario as the same time as them. (I was playing through my pro controller and he was playing through my joy-cons at the same time, even though we were on 1P mode. Could both control Mario and Cappy.) - has this always been there or a glitch? couldn't really find much about it, just need a bit of help and maybe advice? not really sure.

Any help is appreciated !

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@Alannyah The "online" notice means you're connected to the Balloon World server. Nothing unusual about that.

Not so sure about the second thing. It sounds like the Switch could be reading both the Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller as player 1? Maybe try checking the controller settings in the home menu.

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