Topic: Switch doesn’t connect to tv and will not work in a different docking station.

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My switch will not connect to the tv using my docking station abd I have tried it in a friends docking station and also will not work. My switch works find handheld and also charges in docking station it just won’t display on the tv( I have tried other TVs and docking stations but still won’t work) Trued my friends switch in our docking station and that wouldn’t connect to the tv either. Has anyone got any advice? It seems I have an issue with both the switch and bd docking station?



I've had several times when my switch for whatever reason refused to display on my TV while sitting in the dock. I end up having to pull my switch up and then lower it back into the dock or unplug and replug my HDMI cable and then it works. I don't get it.

I once had a PS4 problem where it couldn't get a signal to my TV. I tried a bunch of different cables and even hooked it up to another TV and still nothing. Turned out the HDMI socket on my PS4 apparently went bad and i had to send it away for repairs. Then when i got it back the delivery driver must have been getting too rough with it. My PS4 worked again but it had a chip knocked out of it the size of a quarter! So now i got a freakin hole in the corner of my PS4 because of some careless delivery guy.

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@Mario2021 Ahh, but did you try resetting the AC adapter? It's not an intuitive solution, but it's an easy solution that usually fixes Switch-not-displaying-on-TV.

Directions: No image on TV, Resetting AC Adapter

Hopefully that will get you up & running again.

If you have any future issues, questions, Nintendo support has answers & good directions for almost everything. Just use the search bar. The search can also explain most Switch error codes (in case you ever see one).

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