Topic: Sudden "Battery Depleted" on ALL my joycons!

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I write this because I haven't read any situation like this online

Last week my two original joycon that came with the switch said "battery depleted" right after removing them from the switch and then died, I tried re-SYNC them, charging them again, disconnecting all my controllers and connecting them again, nothing worked

So I bought a new pair 3 days ago (purple and orange), today happened the exact same thing with the new ones: battery depleted on both and they are dead... what the heck?!
How is this possible? What can I do?

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@MildorZalost I might be your switch and not the joy-cons.

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@MildorZalost When you say you charged them, how were you charging them - connected to a Switch tablet, connected to a Switch tablet that itself was connected to a charger, or connected to a charging dock?

Have you powered off your Switch and restarted it?

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