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I love SSBU and am very thank full that Nintendo and Mr. Sakurai continue to add new features. I was very exited to try out the new character Byleth when patch 7.0 was released but soon after I started playing I realized that many of the custom stages I worked hard on and spent lots of time making were having problems:

  • Adjacent platforms that have touching edges no longer work as one platform because characters running across them will get caught on the corner of the platform and become stationary while still doing their run animation. (I noticed this problem on a couple levels where I have two or more moving platforms that come together to make one platform and then split apart. Now characters will be stopped at the middle)

-Similar to the previous problem listed, the bomb and explosive blocks can no longer be placed together to create a platform. Characters can no longer run block to block. They just get stuck at the edge of the block they are on when moving to the next block.

-The last issue I noticed is that characters grabbing an edge will immediately release the edge. This is happening where I have two connected platforms. When I have platforms that have on edge on top of the other I make sure the top edge has grab-able edges turned on and the one below it has it turned off. Prior to patch 7.0 the edges worked like a normal edge would. After the 7.0 update the edge still works but around 30 or 40% of the time the character will immediately let go of the edge once the hang animation is going to start.

Thank you for taking the time to reading my concerns and let me know if any of you are having similar issues or other ones i did't mention. I hope we get another update soon to resolve these issues.


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