Topic: Sonic Unleashed freezes on the Wii U

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I have this problem I bought a pre-owned Sonic Unleashed someone GameStop store it put it in the game on my Wii U And it played up and heal after sonic turns back into normal Sonic and chips starts to talk into text form it asks you To press and when I press nothing happens it won't let me get past that part so I go and get another Sonic Unleashed game from another GameStop store in the same problem Help I don't know what to do Both games can not be doing the same thing something's wrong



That game had issues with lag and freezing, if you really can't get past a certain point due to freezing, I'd suggest trying to get past it on another Wii/WiiU to see if your system is getting stuck, since maybe another one will be able to read what yours cannot. At least you can tell if it's the game or the WiiU giving you the problem. If it keeps freezing on another system or just on your own, there's probably not much you can do, especially with the Wii menu. Otherwise I'd give up on it because there'd be no way to fix it.



It could very likely be the disk itself. Take some rubbing alcohol, and use a q-tip to spread it from the inner radius of the back of the disk to the outer rim.

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