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I know I haven't unlocked all the Smash Ultimate characters. My three other mains, Ike, Cloud, & Ice Climbers aren't unlocked yet. However, when I play the classic mode, all of the sudden, it stopped giving me the challenger approaching screen after I beat the boss, and just goes back to the classic mode menu to go through again, as if I had unlocked all the characters. Not sure what causes this, and yes I have tried unlocked them via World of Light and just playing Smash normally, no luck in either of those departments.

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Well, each chaarcter can only unlock select characters through classic mode. I think it is 3 per fighter. You might have already unlocked all pf the charcters for that classic mode you enjoy playing. For example, I played Marth's 4 times and got Gannondorf, Ryu, and Lucina, but than nobody else. That meant I had already unlocked all the charcters unlockable throughout that classic mode.
However, if you lost to one of those fighters, you cannot find them in classic mode again. You can only re-fight in challenger's approach.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions!

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Just go play a couple games in regular smash mode and you'll unlock them.


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