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After fitting and removing compatible wired headphones the Switch switched off and would not start showing a Black screen with the above error code.

The Onscreen instructions to resolve the issue did not work so I Googled the code and found various references to this error in the standard N-Switch which included faulty speaker, faulty components, loose connection and damage caused by dropping. This was day 2 after Christmas and it hasn't been dropped its in a case and trying to get a response from Nintendo CS is a joke has anyone had the same issue

Ive had an email response from Nintendo Europe 28/12/2021 asking would I like them to forward it to the UK ??? - The UK isn't in Europe anymore so they need to change the options on their website but I have now sent sent 3 emails without response and I'm really not happy with having to send it away to be assessed for 2 weeks. Has anyone had similar experiences and can you offer any advice?



@Mad768 Who sold it to you? Can't you return it to them?

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Yes (but) under distance selling rules as it was purchased online and has been used they will send it to Nintendo which takes even longer as your using a third party. Nintendo will want to assess/repair or replace it - which takes about 2 weeks you have to send account details and logins it just a massive pain. My Son lives on it so to ask a kid to be without his Brand New Switch OLED its like chopping his arm off but the fact they haven't responded since 28/12/21 is my biggest issue. That's why i asked if anyone else has had this experience and how they resolved it. I have had an acknowledgment email today so Ill see what they say next



You an plug switch error codes into Nintnedo Support's search bar to find what most codes mean. And, yeah, this one just says, "needs repair".

Not the greatest option, but it would keep you from going Switch-less for a long period: buy a new Switch, transfer the game save data from the original Switch to the new Switch, then send the broken/failed switch in. When you get the original Switch back, you can trade it in to a game store for a very high price. I'm in the US. Switch OLED here was $350, trade in value is $242. I expected the trade in value to be a little higher. So, see what it is near you.

Doing a transfer is takes a bit of learning. So, I'm not sure that's something you have the time or mental bandwidth for.

I'll understand if this sounds like a crummy option. But it's an option.

**Both consoles have to be present to do the transfer. Transfer is done using the console's bluetooth/wifi, wirelessly.

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