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Can anyone help me? My New Nintendo 3DS XL suddenly plays 3DS games with a really distorted view. Everything that can be viewed in 3D effect is distorted on both screens. Plays 2D games normally though. Please, does anyone have a fix for this?



@ESN What happens if you're playing a 3D game but with the 3D slider down so that the effect is turned off. Do you still get the distortion?

If not, check that the tracking camera isn't dirty.

If you get the problem regardless of where the slider is positioned then there's some deeper hardware/software issue going on that likely only Nintendo could help with.

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You can test/calibrate 3d settings somewhere deep in system settings as far as I remember...

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I get the same problem regardless of what I do. I was afraid I would get an answer like yours. I live in Suriname , so I can't just send it to Nintendo for a fix. Sigh...guess I'll have to get a new [email protected]



@ultek Did that already, with no result


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