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My 3DS Pokemon UltraSun cartridge is goosed, but I am hopeful progress has been saved on my SD card. If I get a new or pre-owned cartridge how do I access the saved progress?



Your only option would probably be buying the digital version and using the save data transfer tool (available on the eshop). Assuming your cartridge is in good enough condition to be recognized by the app.

You can only move save data from a physical cartridge to a digital copy, not in any other combination or direction.

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@Eel hi Eel, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the 3DS doesn’t recognise that the cartridge has been put in so I don’t think it could be read by the app you mention?



Probably not.

Sometimes you may have to insert it a few times.

I sometimes experience read errors with the odd Switch cartridge. Holding the cartridge down for a moment while inserting it usually resolves the problem. I'm not sure if the same may occur with a 3DS cartridge.

Your console will need to be able to recognise the cartridge in order to transfer any save data (in which case, perhaps the purpose of transfering the data would be defeated).

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