Topic: Need help with a vintage Nintendo Donkeykong JR tabletop game

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Hello everyone - I'm new on here and am looking for some help / advice, please.
We are clearing out stuff and came across a vintage Nintendo Donkey Kong JR table top game.
It seems to date from the early 1980s and was used by our kids.
With so much computer based stuff around now, we thought it would be fum to let our grandson play with this, but i cannot get it to start. I've cleaned the battery terminals, inserted new batteries and pressed the Game 1 / Game 2 buttons, but nothing comes up on the screen. It's probably not been used for 25 years or more.
I'd love to get it going again if we can.
Can anyone suggest what we should do? I'm reluctant to dismantle the unit until assured it's Ok to do that. Maybe there's a specialist repairer in the Bristol area?

Looking on Google, it seems that these are quite rare now.

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.

Thanks, brissle


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