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Alongside all of the disappointing rewards that My Nintendo is delivering; for me at least, it is messing up. Recently, Europe has received some new 3DS menu themes from the service, being a lover of 3DS themes and getting as many as I can, you can guess which direction my point count went once I saw them, I went to the theme shop to download them, the first two themes go in fine, go for the Link one "Code has already been redeemed" Go check the other two codes, not the same, make sure I definitely have the right code, put it in again "Code has already been redeemed".

Anyone have any help, or just other tales about everyone's favourite fourth cousin of Club Nintendo messing up so that I don't feel so lonely about my tale?



@Tsurii Maybe... maybe. Let's just ignore that and talk about else, like how misleading some of those 3DS error messages are, and how nothing is ever my fault.



U can`t download 3ds stuff that is not in Your region.

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