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Hey everyone,
I've been doing a bit of data management in preparation for both Splatoon 3 and Pokemon SV (one of which has already come out now at that!) and I noticed something whilst trying to start up my N64 NSO app: it wouldn't start because there wasn't enough system data to create more save data with. Thankfully I was able to just archive a few demos to take care of it in the short term but it's something I'm definitely concerned about for the future (especially in regards to Pokemon with how much I save in a game like that). So I came here to ask to anyone who would know: is there a way to move the data from the system all over to the SD card?

I'm aware that's a bit difficult to digest but here's an example to show what I mean: I have Splatoon 2 currently on my Switch sitting pretty at around about 7.3 GB. However, 6.1 of that total is on my system memory whilst the other 1.2 is on my SD card. As you can imagine, with that much sitting on the system memory used for save data and such, I'd much rather it fully be on the SD card and not half and half, yet I simply don't know how. There's also the worry that I'll mess up said save data by fully moving it over to the SD card but that's more irrational than anything else.

I'm already moving off a lot of screenshots/videos to make since that's honestly where most of the data comes in (currently moving over all my videos of finding shiny Pokemon which is a lot more than you'd realise) but this would expedite the process so much faster if I was able to do it. If you know the answer, let me know as soon as you can, thank you for reading this and have a great day!

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Save data usually stays on the Switch system itself, but Splatoon 2 isn't one of the cloud save compatible games. In the system settings, go to data management, and choose "Move Data Between System / microSD Card." From there you should be able to move Splatoon 2 to the SD card fine. Save data will remain on your system memory, it should move the game and its updates. You can do this with other games and updates too.

I hope this helps, hoping for the best @Fizza.

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I have this same issue, and have no idea what to do, mine's a mix of that and running out of room entirely lol, how do I move stuff on my current SD card to a bigger one without losing anything or messing up anything? If it involves using a computer I could be a little screwed because I don't really have any good ones... at all.

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@Fizza Game save data is ONLY stored on Switch internal memory. And you cannot move it to the micro sd card. If you ran out of internal memory space for game saves, then you need to remove whatever games, screenshots, video clips are stored on internal memory. (archive/delete the games, then redownload them while micro sd card is inserted)

If you hit (+) on a game's homescreen tile, then Manage Software, there are descriptions for Archive and Delete. Both say they don't delete game save data. So, if you're confused, go there to read what they do, if you want to see it for yourself.

Delete game = remove both the game and it's homescreen tile - "Save data will not be deleted".
Archive game = remove game but keep the game's homescreen tile (save data is not deleted)

Have you been using a micro sd card in your console?

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