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I bought the game to play with my girlfriend, who lives a few hours away. Playing together would have been amazing, and we both loved the Monster Hunter series.

I initially had a mobile router I was connecting through, and had no issues whatsoever. It was old, though, and eventually it just broke, and since it was out of production, I was given a new one as a substitute.

And here the problems started.

Ever since then, ANY connection I have at home (mobile router, home wifi, mobile tether) gives me error code 006-0612 when trying to play online with her. Additionally, this happens when I try to connect to any random room online (with only 1 in 20 maybe attempts resulting in a succesful connection).

I have tried the following troubleshooting and combination of them:

  • Setting static IP
  • Using various DNS (ISP, google, "level 3")
  • Setting up a DMZ
  • Port forwarding (this doesn't work. Nintendo says to port forward 1 to 65535, but doing that causes ALL connections to drop, including other devices
  • Changing MTU
  • Disabling firewalls

I am completely at a loss as to what to do. Our computer technician himself was out of ideas, spent an entire morning trying to understand how to solve this mess, and nothing he did worked

I literally bought the game to play with her, and I just can't.

Incidentally, she doesn't have any online problem whatsoever despite not needing any kind of router configuration (it's literally factory settings)

I've lost faith in even being able to solve this. Nothing I've searched online works



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