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Hi y'all,

So not too long ago I got myself a new Switch cuz the other one basically gave up on me (been playing it daily since release). Now with the new one I stumbled upon a bug or something where the playtime isn't showing correctly anymore. So when I go to my game library I can choose to sort my games by playtime. But instead of sorting the games by total playtime it sorts it by playtime since the new Switch (not counting the playtime from the first Switch). Which is strange because when I go to my profile it does show playtime correctly for each game. I gotta say I really miss having this function as I loved keeping track of it with a nice visual list. And as the data is still there and counting one would think it's an easy fix with an update. But, Nintendo doesn't seem bothered by it.

Anyone else having this problem? Is there maybe a fix for it I can do myself?



@SoapMonki It's not a bug (and it's STUPID). Switch home screen only sorts by playtime accumulated on that particular console, not the game's full cumulative playtime. That's the only way it works, unfortunately.

I got a switch at launch. Then I got an oled in december, and all my favorite games with the most hours, no longer rise to the top - I'm not a fan.

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@WoomyNNYes Ahh that sucks bigtime! Especially knowing it's not a bug but just Nintendo being Nintendo. Well anyway, thank you for your reply man. It does feel a tiny bit better knowing I'm not alone in this one


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