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So one day my Switch stopped connecting to my switch just sort of out of the blue. I've tried just about EVERYTHING besides one thing which involved something with updating my Internet Modem firmware which I can't be asked to really do. Does any one have any suggestions to see if I can get it to work. Because other wise I have a brick that can play out of date games.



@Blighted_Zombie In case nobody else here chimes in....

Disregard any of the following things, if you've done them.

Have you tried calling Nintendo support? They've been shockingly good for the 4-5 times I've used them since 2016. Although, last december, I got a newb temp that had to look every single thing up. I don't know if that's fluke, or maybe a temp hired for holiday season high volume.

I'll assume you've tried searching nintendo support? That's the best resource. Use their search bar to search for directions. They have directions for most everything. If you can't find a solution there, then you might have hardware failure, but that's why I recommend calling nintendo support. Feel free to say "representatve" to the automated menu to get a real person. Although, Nintendo supports automated phone menu tree has been minimal, which is respectable. (side note: you can plug error codes into nintendo support search bar to see what they mean, which may lead to a solution/directions)

On rare occasion, I've seen some people in here say they had to do something with their router settings to solve their issue. In extremely rare cases, I've seen a couple people in here say the wifi hardware in their switch died, needed repair. One person was in Australia, can't recall where the other was.

If, by chance, you replace your switch, you need to have both your old & new switch on hand to do a system/save data transfer. Worst case scenario, you can get good money for used Switchs from gamestop. A couple years ago, I recall some people getting $200+ from gamestop. And they used that to upgrade to V2 or Oled models.

Nintendo support "won't connect to internet" search results. Be sure the filter/drop box is set to "Switch Family".

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