Topic: Is This a Counterfeit 2ds or Something Else?

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Is this Nintendo 2DS PAL, US or Fake? (did I just get burned?) I bought this 2ds knowing it needed the screen replaced and thinking it was a US version. After I starting inspecting at home I thought crap this is a PAL not US version because it reads Germany on the back. After opening it up and I realized it does not have the wifi wire and module. It has lots of other differences compared to the other pics of Nintendo 2DS Motherboard Mainboard CPU replacement parts on the net. How can I identify it as what version and if its a fake or real.
Here is a link to the Youtube video of the 2ds in Question.

Thank you for looking and help appreciate!

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No idea. But I'd be very careful buying anything that's not brand new from a reputable vendor.

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I'd be surprised if counterfeit 2DS consoles were already making the rounds. I am aware of phoney DS Lites, but not anything beyond that.

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