Topic: Deleting My Nintendo ID?

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So I was gunna decide to up and delete my Nintendo Network ID because one the username is way outdated which I can't change, and I made the account in like 2011-12 when I was young and I lied about my age (I said I was born in 1972) I know from small research that deleting your account deletes DLC and your funds on your EShop, which is fine I only have 33 cents on there and my only DLC is some characters for smash for the 3ds and a game I never play.

I also know it deletes your friendlist and miiverse posts.

My biggest concern is something I read on the internet where it deletes your saves from video games. I don't want to lose the progress I have on Pokemon, Zelda, and New Leaf. I thought it saved to your game card but now I'm worried. I just want to know if it actually does that before I consider deleting.

I'd also like some other info on what else gets deleted if you have any. Thank you!



Tough luck. All Your purchases are bind to the console, not Your ID, but to get rid of ID You have to format 3ds,so...

my Switch fc: SW-6145-9649-2985
my 3ds friend code:1564-4008-8780
SuperMarioRun: 7635-1072-9440
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