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I've looked up this problem to no avail and it's been driving me nuts:

If I pause the Switch version of the original Doom, exit to home, and then leave the Switch off for a while, the game will refuse to unpause when I eventually go back to it no matter what I do or which button I press. Am I legitimately the only person with this problem? It's absolutely baffling to me that this issue exists in a port of a 27-year-old game, and after an update to boot.

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@eneuman96 old port, but even digital Foundry said its flawed. You'd think they have emulators all ironed out, but porting old games seemes to have new issues to tackle with every console. I totally understand your frustration, though.

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What I think it could be is the game trying to reconnect to Bethesda's servers (the ports are infuriating in that respect). Just set your console to flight mode. I think that just might "unpause" the game. If playing docked, you can set the console so that Bluetooth remains on for controller connectivity while preventing connection to the internet (this will have to be set in handheld mode with the Joy-Con attached).

I almost always play the game in flight mode for this reason (and it cuts all of the unnecessary pauses to connect online, though the software alarmingly nags you to connect online with inexcusable frequency). It's unfathomably ridiculous that a game like this constantly nags and intrusively attempts to connect online with absolutely no benefit to the user. Other, more sophisticated games are far, far less invasive. The game doesn't even have online multiplayer for crying out loud! The only online content of benefit are the add-ons. It wouldn't surprise me if Bethesda strenuously tracks the activities of the player when connected online.

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I had an odd issue with it the other day. Like you, I had it paused half way through a map, returned to the home screen and left it like that for a short while. When I went back, I was able to play normally for a minute or so but then the title screen and options appeared over the playing screen. I was still able to control the game normally though. I had to restart the game.

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@Woomy_NNYes even after the update, the game still tries to log you in. I have tried deleting all Bethesda games, all saved files, cleared Cache on the user options, then re downloaded, and it still automatically logged me in.

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@Gerald @OorWullie @Silly_G @eneuman96
Went back rewatched the video. Around 14:10 they say the sleep bug still isn't fixed.

Skimming around, I couldn't the part where they comment on the login screen bug, but they definitely show the screen when they comment on it. I really thought they said it was fixed. Sorry if I goofed that. To keep the thread accurate, I cleaned up my posts above.

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