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its not just me that has problems with my game its kind of every one in the world if you have a problem ors a question about your game i will answer it



@Taskui be nice or im reporting and if anyone agrees with him i will not report because i have your opinion



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@Oliviabrown How do I unlock Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS?

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@Oliviabrown I know you're probably young and just trying to have fun on the site, but please do not create threads unless you have a good reason to create them.

Good reasons could include:

  • You have a problem with a game or system you want to resolve, and there's no other thread where you could possibly ask.
  • You want to talk about a game, and there's no thread for it.

As a side note, please try to keep a lower profile on the internet, and don't overshare with strangers.

I will now close this thread, since there's no reason for anyone to be asking you questions in this site, and we don't need a thread for it alone.

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