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So I ordered a copy of FInal Fantasy IV for the DS, but when the game is in the slot and I try to turn it on the screen is just black but if I take the game out and try to turn it on it works fine. I tried turning it on with the game out and then putting the game in while it was on but that just made it freeze.



Where did you get the copy of Final Fantasy from? My guess, as it's a DS cartridge, is that it's not a legitimate cart.

I bought a fake Mario 64 DS recently on eBay. Got my money back once I'd checked a few guides and knew what to look for to show it was a fake.

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I agree, sounds like a bona fide fake, especially if it doesn't happen with any other games. I'd return it if you can.

Also, for future reference, game cartridges aren't really supposed to be inserted into DS/3DS family systems unless they're powered off.

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